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Custom-Concept buildings


Complete design flexibility with our

advanced technology Custom-Concept.


Our calculation system allows us to construct buildings with a
clear span of up to 107 m, and free of columns.

Builds without intermediate columns


Custom projects

Buildings and industrial buildings

turnkey adapted to your needs.


Our Custom-Concept system allow us to manufacture

special structures adapted to your needs,

for heavy loads, residential or public uses.

Special steel constructuions for

Silo Structures

silo installations with our advanced

technology Custom-Concept



We design and implement all of

your industrial building installations.


Tilt-up walls

Concrete Tilt-Up walls that

reduce thermal bridges because

of its size and design with fewer joints.


We have all kinds of accessories and

supplies, from closets for supplies and

ventilation systems to special installations.


Font-VP Buildings is a company of pre-engineered building turnkey systems.

Total design flexibility with no added time or cost.


Design and Build

With Font-VP Buildings you will know the exact cost of your building before its construction, with a reduction of a third part. More →


Our CUSTOM-CONCEPT system, based on the most BIM advanced technology allows us to adapt completely to your needs. More →

Green Build

Our main goal is to promote the construction of high performance building fomenting sustainability. More →

Latest projects


Why to choose us

We surpass the standards within the industry and we exceed the expectations of our clients.
We are innovative in our approach to the market.
We create a clear difference between our performance and the performance of our competition.
We believe in protecting the environment.
We are committed with the professional approach.



Our requeriments were comfort and a saving of
energy, together with low maintenance costs.
Through Font-VP Buildings we acquired the
building we needed.

Hermann Camps, Industrial Manager of

We required a building which was 81 m wide and
150 m long, free of columns, with a floor area of
2800 m², capable of supporting loads of
1000 kg/m². Font-VP Buildings designed and
constructed it.

Serafín Roldán, Manager of Emegé Industrias
Gráficas, S.A.

Font-VP Buildings construction system enables us
to achieve the maginative combinations of
architectural elements and materials which we
seek in our buildings.

Daniel Gelabert, Architect Chairman of Gelabert &
Associats S.L.

After our factory burnt down, we required an
immediate response. Font-VP Buildings, S.A.
supplied the building in 3 months.

Ferrán Gomá-Camps, Industrial Manager of
Gomá Camps, S.A

As part of our project for Dentaid, S.A. we needed
an interior warehouse free of columns, with a
width of 31,9 m and a height of 9,97 m., to be
constructed quickly. Font-VP Buildings provided it.

José M. Aced, Managing Director of J. M. Aced
Ingeniería, S.L.

Our worries about functional aspects and flexibility
with respect to low-cost future extensions were
laid to rest when we had the building constructed
by Font-VP Buildings.

Jordi Parera, Managing Director of Orbitel
Cables, S.A.

We needed a free-standing, attractive building
with low maintenance costs and a solid design for
our new Municipal Sports Hall. The building
constructed by Font-VP Buildings has
demonstrated its reliability and the design quality
of its components.

Josep Guinart, Municipal Quantity Surveyor
in Olot.

Font-VP Buildings integrated all our special
requirements with a mezzanine 25 m wide,
capable of withstanding 700 kg/m², with just one
central column, the final design was efficient and

José Matas, Managing Director of T.E.S.A.

For our robotised warehouse we required a 60 m
building free of intermediary columns, and with a
perfectly even floor surface. Font-VP Buildings
provided it.

Jorge Balcells, Managing Director of
Marxuach, S.A.

Our new building, constructed by Font-VP
Buildings,reflects our corporate image of
technology, research and design.

Manuel Ortiz, Managing Director of
Comelta, S.A.

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Who we are

Font-VP Buildings, Inc. is a company specialized in the construction of turnkey buildings and industrial plants, commercial buildings, special structures for industry and facilities for public use.

Our experience has led us to obtain the best excellence to deliver a turnkey project on time and on budget without incurring additional costs for the end user, all under a single responsibility.

Our CUSTOM-CONCEPT system based on the most advanced BIM technology and our own unique calculation methods, design and planning allow us to adapt completely to your needs.


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